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JP Varvarigos, owner of Wellington Florist, Featured on Better Homes and Gardens with Insights on “How Often Should You Change Your Fresh-Cut Flowers' Water?”

JP Varvarigos was recently featured on Better Homes and Gardens discussing “How Often Should You Change Your Fresh-Cut Flowers' Water?”. Read the full article and hear JP’s thoughts via the link below.

“From ranunculus to roses, dahlias to daisies—fresh bouquets of flowers are a staple in many homes during the spring and summer months. Once you've put out your carefully-curated arrangement, you want to show it off—and it's always a disappointment when your blooms start drooping earlier than expected. To avoid this, experts say it’s all about keeping them fresh and changing the water regularly. But how regularly: Is it a daily job? Weekly? To get the answer and all the expert tips for keeping your flowers hydrated and to make them last as long as possible, we asked two professional florists for their top tips.”

Here’s what JP Varvarigos had to say on the topic:

“Even more important than changing the water every few days is always providing your flowers with enough to drink. Fresh-cut flowers are thirsty and can go through the water quickly, so your vase should be topped off at all times."
‘The most important thing is to maintain a high water level even if you do not re-cut the stems or change the water completely,’ Varvarigos says. ‘Stems not touching the water will kill your flowers, and there's no coming back [from that].’
However, there’s one slight exception to this rule: Certain flowers with soft, watery stems, like tulips and calla lilies, do best with just a couple of inches of water in the vase at a time. This is because these flowers naturally hold lots of water in their stems and absorb it through the stem walls, not just the cut end, Varvarigos explains. So, while you don’t want the stems left without any water, less is more with these types.”

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Cover of Floral Management magazine features J.P. Varvarigos

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JP Varvarigos, owner of Wellington Florist, Featured on The Knot with Insights on the Best Tropical Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

Wellington Florist was recently featured on discussing if tropical flowers are best for wedding bouquets. Read the full article and hear JP Varvarigos' thoughts via the link below.

“Are you in the process of dreaming up your ideal tropical wedding bouquet for your wedding? There are a plethora of tropical flowers and color variations that can be used to match your wedding's color scheme, style, and attire. We spoke with several wedding florists about the various kinds of tropical flowers, their cost, and how they can be used in bouquets. Continue reading to learn more about tropical flowers and how you can incorporate them into your big day.”

In this story:

  • What Are Tropical Flowers
  • Types of Tropical Flowers
  • Average Tropical Flower Bouquet Cost
  • Florists' Tips for Adding Tropical Flowers to Your Wedding Bouquet
  • Tropical Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Here is what JP said was the most common and popular tropical flowers, "Orchids, Anthurium, Heliconia Birds of Paradise (Strelitzia), Protea/pincushion flowers, and Ginger


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